Translation Categories

Translation is a broad and profound art that is difficult to master. It is easy to write a beautiful article, but it is hard to produce a piece of exquisite translation. This does not only call for great bilingual ability on the part of translators, but also requires translators doing a piece of work to have relevant background knowledge.

At Raffles Translation, we only use mother tongue translators possessing professional qualifications in the area of your business. All translators translate into their native language only, and they understand what they translate in terms of technical terminology and make every effort to deliver perfection, to your 100% satisfaction.

A good piece of translation should be an embodiment of the combined principles of “fidelity, fluency and elegance”. It is not merely a conversion of language but of culture as well. As the saying goes, you can never translate ‘words’, you translate ‘ideas’. Therefore, we are always meticulous in translating the text with a natural feel rather than literally, or word for word.

Small projects normally involve a team consisting of a translator, an editor and/or proofreader, and a QA manager, while large projects involve one or several teams with a Project Manager, an IT Specialist and/or a DTP Specialist joining the team(s), as required by our Quality Control Process.

What is especially worth mentioning here is that we have the capacity to deliver large and difficult projects within the shortest possible turnaround time. This is the reason that Thales, MPRI, SingTel, Glencore, MF Global, PSA International, Singapore Technologies, etc. consider us the most reliable translation company, because they do not need to worry about the punctual delivery of a job after they have confirmed it.

All in all, no matter whether your translation job is big or small, simple or complicated, we are always here to assist you with same amount of due care and diligence.

As for translation categories, we focus on 8 specialized areas including:

  • Financial Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Life Science Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Business Translation
  • Aviation/Shipping Translation
  • Chinese Literary Translation
  • Certified translation

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