Proofreading means checking a translated text against the original text, and ensuring that there are no typograpical errors, grammatical mistakes, omissions or inappropriate use of words and expressions. In addition, the proofreading process will also involve verification of the style and consistency of glossaries of the translation, and require the proofreader give a feedback or suggestion for improving the text and standardize the terminology.

A quality translation must be proofread. This is necessary because a translator translating a document may have been just too close to it to spot the mistake, and fresh eyes that are new to the document are needed to carry out a review. This is especially important for a translation destined for publication, as it would be too late if an error were found just before the file is sent for printing.

As one of steps in our Quality Control Process, proofreading plays an essential role in ensuring our internally translated documents are consistently flawless. At Raffles Translation, proofreading is completed by two experienced and qualified proofreaders using our specially developed terminology databases, translation style guides and detailed processes, with the first proofreader being responsible for ensuring the target language accurately reflects the meaning of the source language, while the second proofreader responsible for ensuring that all usages and style of writing are habitually correct and consistent. This will ultimately guarantee that the translated text not only flows fluently but is error-free as well.

Except internally translated documents, we also provide proofreading service to those customers who have had their documents translated by another agency but found the job is far from being satisfactory. This is usually true with legal or financial translations where the agency may have been incapable of delivering a quality job due to a lack of proper resources, thus causing its client to turn to us.

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