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Editing is a must for a good piece of translation. Every translation requires the services of an editor and a proofreader as well as those of a professional translator. To some extent, the role of an editor is even more important than that of the translator and proofreader, because it is the editor who provides the ‘final say’ on the quality of a piece of translation and guarantees the natural flow of the target language without a trace of being translated from the source language. Therefore, an editor is normally able to perform professional translation, but a translator may not necessarily be able to perform professional editing.

In the translation industry, the word ‘editing’ is an often misused word – used by many to mean ‘proofreading’. But it actually does not. At Raffles Translation, we edit – before proofreading – all translations in order to ensure the accuracy and suitability of terminologies, consistency of style and smoothness of writing. The reason is simple and self-evident: Quality!

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