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Certified Translation

A certified translation refers to a translation that needs to be certified or notarized either by a translation company or a notary public to be submitted to official authorities for legal or immigration purposes.

As one of the leading translation agencies in Singapore, we are in a unique position of being able to certify what we have translated. By adopting a number of techniques to diminish the possibility of fraud, we follow the standards for certified translations and guarantee their legal accuracy and usability. After a document is translated and certified by Raffles Translation with our seal of “Certified True Translation” and signature of person in charge being affixed thereto, it will be accepted as valid by Singapore government or other official and non-official organizations, such as embassies, universities, insurance companies, the courts, etc.

Our Quality Control Process is strictly observed when certified translation is carried out. That means that all translations must be edited and proofread by a second and third translator and reviewed by our QA manager before being certified by Raffles Translation.

The certified documents we mainly deal with include:

Adoption Papers
Birth / Marriage / Divorce / Death Certificates
Customs Documents
Diplomas, School Papers, Degree Certificates
Graduation Certificates
ID Card
Immigration and Naturalization Papers
Medical/Hospitalization Certificates
Permanent Residence Booklets
Police Reports
Powers of Attorney
Property Papers, Real Estate Deeds
Recommendation Letters
Tax Payment Records
Trade Marks Registrations
VAT invoices
Vouchers for Telegraphic Transfers

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