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Business Translation

Our business translation covers all the fields not falling into the above categories, including but not limited to:

Environmental Protection
Hotel & Hospitality
Human Resources
International Trade
TV Media
Public Relations
Real Estate

Here, the most challenging subject to handle is advertising, where it is often required that creative translation rather than word-for-word translation be done in order to catch the eye of consumers. This is because when an advertisement written in English is translated into Chinese or another language, regardless of how fluent the writing is, there will always be a trace of translation to be felt because of the lack of natural flow of words and expressions. Therefore, it can hardly be as attractive and appealing to the intended audience as an advertisement that is written in the native language spoken by audience of the target market.

Just as for legal translation, our people and system can give you an added confidence that we have the capability to deal with the above challenge and deliver a superb job with the publishable quality!

The business documents we are mainly dealing with include:

Bid Documents
Business Plans
Corporate Brochures
Conference Programs
Exhibition Brochures
Environmental Risk/Impact Reports
Feasibility Study Reports
Hotel and Resorts
Letters of Credit
Letters of Guarantee
Marketing Materials
Newspaper Clippings
Notices and Circulars
Project Proposals
Survey Forms & Questionnaires
Tender Documents
Training Materials

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