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Interpreting Service

Located in the Asian hub of Singapore, an ideal place for holding international exhibitions and conferences, Raffles Translation is in the best possible position to provide professional interpreting services for both its local and overseas clients.

Raffles Translation provides highly experienced interpreters of major Asian languages for all scenarios where interpreting services are required, including but not limited to consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, teleconference interpreting, escorting interpreting, etc.

Consecutive Interpreting
Consecutive interpreting is the most common type of interpreting, where your speaker delivers a few sentences and then stops while our consecutive interpreter translates what has been said into another language.

On-site consecutive interpreting is mostly used for small group or one-on-one meetings, such as seminars, interviews, training sessions, business meetings, medical consultation, marriage registration, press releases, court hearing, etc. or even whispering to an individual participating in a conference.

As such interpreting is not performed in real time and does not require any specialist equipment, it is considerably cheaper than that of simultaneous interpreting.

Simultaneous Interpreting
Simultaneous Interpreting is, as the name suggests, when the interpreters’ translation is delivered at almost the same time as what is said by your speaker. Simultaneous interpreting is generally used for formal international conferences.

When providing simultaneous interpreting service, our interpreters (normally two for one language pair) would sit in a soundproof booth working in turn, transmitting their version to audiences through audio equipment to enable all delegates to understand.

As simultaneous interpreting is done in real time and there are no second chances, interpreters must get it right the first time. As such, it requires the highest level of interpreting skill and quickest speed of reaction. For your assurance, all our simultaneous interpreters have a minimum of 6 years professional experience and many have in-depth knowledge in their chosen fields, such as law, medicine, life science, IT, banking or finance.

Interpreting Equipment
Besides simultaneous interpreters, we also provide the conference interpretation equipment for hire together with an experienced technician to be on-site throughout the meeting to tackle whatever problems may arise.

Teleconference Interpreting
Teleconference Interpreting is the most efficient and cost-effective way of holding a small meeting where our consecutive interpreter can call in from our premises to serve your purpose. As the interpreter does not have to travel to your chosen site, the fee is much lower than that of consecutive interpreting.

Escort Interpreting
Escort Interpreting is the interpreting service we provide to you or your guest visiting Singapore or any other country of Asia from Europe or America on either a business or sightseeing excursion.

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